Creative and Original

We take being original very seriously! At each and every wedding or event we try to get at least one or two of what we call “epic shots.” Meaning something we’ve never done before or at least something we’ve only attempted a couple of times. The greatest feeling is to have a bride and groom order a giant print of a once in a lifetime shot!

Attention to Detail

We want to make sure everything you paid so much attention to get just perfect ends up in our camera frames. It’s rare we miss a detail.

Whether it be that special piece of jewelry, the cake topper, that “something blue” hidden from everyone’s view or that extra special moment the first time you see yourself in the mirror… we are there with you!

Fun and Real

Having fun is pretty much the most important aspect of your big day. You should be carefree and not have a single thought about the photography. Leave that to us! We are definitely not your typical stuffy, obnoxious wedding photographers! We want to be the guys (and girls) you want to be guests rather than staff! Enjoy your day – that’s what it’s all about! Well, that and great pictures!

About Us

TD Imaging Studios has stayed true to its philosophy of striving for excellence while meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations.

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Photographer and Videographer based in Miami, Florida. Music Videos, Maternity, Weddings and Fashion.
Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Florida Photographer.

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