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Terms & Condition

Deposit should be made no more than 12 hours after confirmation of booking was sent, failure to do so will result in another client potentially taking that specific date and time, unless agreed prior. Balance must be made on the day of shoot.


(i) Scope of Work: The total price of the shoot includes the physical taking of the photos, basic post processing.


25% of the total cost for the booking will not be refundable if there is a cancelation on your part for whatever reason.


Cancellation or Postponement by the Client When a booking is Confirmed, if it is subsequently cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged to the client according to the following schedule: 


(i) When a client cancels appointment within less than 5 days business of any confirmed date, a fee of 30% of the booked time rate will be charged. 

(ii) When a client cancels photography within less than 48 hours of any confirmed date/time, a fee of 50% of the booked time rate will be charged.

(iii) When a client cancels appointment on the day of the confirmed date, the full fee will be charged.  
When a booking is confirmed, if it is subsequently postponed, the Photographer will charge a fee of 25% of the booking time rate for postponement.

In addition, the client may be charged for any expenses incurred by The Photographer as a result of cancellation or postponement.


 Charges and Timings: 
If the Photographer provides a cost to The Client, the fee will be charged at that agreed rate. The Photographer generally requests a briefing at the time of booking (via email or verbally). Where extra expenses or time are incurred or needed by the Photographer as a result of alterations to the original briefing by the Client or otherwise at their request, the Photographer will reserve the right to charge the Client extra expenses and fees.

If The Client changes the length of the job, the fee will increase as per the agreed hourly rate. If The Client is delayed or running late and the job runs into extra time again the fee will increase as per the agreed hourly rate. The Photographer will make The Client aware of timings and should the work run into extra time he will make the client aware of this and the associated costs.


There is a mutual understanding between The Client and The Photographer that punctuality is important and respected by all parties.
If it becomes apparent when the job starts that it is much bigger or different job to the agreed briefing it will be made clear to the Client that The Photographer’s fee may increase. If the Photographer is unable to contact the client/payer of invoice at that time work will stop until contact has been made.

On the occasion that incorrect information is given by the Client regarding a booking (wrong location, wrong time etc.) or the Client fails to arrive at the agreed location/time, the full fee will be charged to the Client.

If on arrival at a booked job there is an issue (outside of the Client or Photographer’s control) such as bad lighting or restrictions are in use of where the shoot is taking place, a fee may be charged to cover time.

Any congestion charges, road toll charges and parking costs will be billed to the client as a Photographer expense and will be added onto the invoice.


Un-Edits/Raw Images: 
These images are not provided to the clients, what you get is the finale edits for whichever package you choose.

 Additional Cost: 
If there is a need for props or rentals such as but not limited to “Studio, House, Gardens, Beaches” client will pay the difference to use these facilities based on what they charge.


The Client will be required to complete this Booking Form. On receipt of a completed booking form, The Photographer will send an email as confirmation if the booking was accepted. The booking will then be considered Confirmed. Once the Client has made a booking for a specific time and date and this date/time has been Confirmed by The Photographer, The Photographer will not accept any other work from other clients for those times and dates.


(i) Indemnification: Photographer and client agree that photographer is under no obligation to capture any specific moment or pose or person(s) during the shoot.


(ii) Duty of client will obtain all permissions necessary for photographer to photograph at the shoot. PHOTOGRAPHER has no duty to obtain permission of reception centers, churches, buildings, properties, or other locations to operate thereon. Client understands and agrees that any failure to obtain these permissions resulting in fines to photographer, or which prevent photographer from photographing the event(s) is not the fault, liability, or responsibility of photographer.


(iii) Photographer client agrees and understands that no other party other than photographer may take pictures of any poses, lighting situations, or setups made by the photographer. This slows down the photographer’s work and violates the photographer’s right to take pictures of the event. client agrees to take responsibility for insisting that no person(s) get in the way of the photographer or take pictures in these situations. Any failure to comply will result in the discontinuation of the

shoot and the client will therefore be responsible for full payment of the shoot.


(iv) Model Release: client grants permission to photographer and its assigns, licensees, and sub-licensees, permission to use client’s image or likeness in any and all forms of media for commercial purposes, advertising, trade, personal use, or any and all other uses. Therefore, PHOTOGRAPHER may use client’s likeness and image on photographer’s website or other advertising (such as Instagram). Photographer may NOT sell photos containing client’s likeness to third parties.

 Client Confidentiality: 
The Photographer will keep confidential and will not disclose to any third parties or make use of material or information communicated to him, save as to be reasonably necessary to enable the Photographer to carry out his obligations in relation to the work.


Right to Use: 
Images are to be used as agreed at the time of booking and at the time of agreeing the fee. The license to use is limited to the use and period of time specified on The Photographers booking form and no other use may be made of the Images without the Photographers express permission. An agreement must be reached with The Photographer before Images are used for any other purpose or after the license to use has expired.  

The photographer has the right to use any and all photos taken for promotional purposes.

 Right to a Credit: 
The Photographer asserts both his moral right to be identified as the author of his work and the right to a credit (where possible). 


 Copyright And Ownership: 
The entire copyright, title, and intellectual property rights of any Images will remain that of The Photographer at all times throughout the world.


The usage rights granted are personal to the Client and may not be assigned, nor may any image submitted to the Client be loaned or transferred to third parties (save for the purpose of the work by the Client of such reproduction/usage rights/PR). The Photographer retains the right in all cases to use the Images covered by this agreement at any time and in any part of the world for the purposes of advertising or otherwise promoting his work. 

 Assignability and Parties of Interest: 

Client agrees and understands that, unless otherwise specified in this agreement, client is not contracting for a personal service that will be performed by any specific photographer. Photographer may sub-contract or assign this contract to any second-shooter, Photographer may assign any photographers associated with the Photography Company to perform its duties under this agreement. All photographers must be capable and competent to perform the services in a workmanlike manner.

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